IX: Olive

The rise and fall of forgotten movie star, Olive Thomas.

nonidi, the 29th of Frimaire, Year CCXXXI
Olives. Photo by Melina Kiefer / Unsplash

Good morning. Today is nonidi, the 29th of Frimaire, Year CCXXXI. We celebrate l'olive, nature's most savory fruit.

There are two olives in your skull right now. They're more formally called the olivary bodies, and they squat on either side of your brain stem, just as oval and obvious as an olive should be. These aren't just decorative garnishes for your brain martini, however. Each olive has two parts – an "inferior" one that just controls your ability to learn motor skills, no big deal, and a "superior" one that controls your ability to hear. So you'd be pretty lost without your olives.

Olive Thomas was Hollywood's first "what might have been" story. She was a gorgeous star and talented actress who died tragically young when she inaugurated a trend that would dominate the twenties.

This is the story of the first flapper.