About this project

Morning Croissant is an independent publication launched in Fructidor CCXXX (August 2022 in vulgar time) by Carina Magyar. I provide cartomancy readings each day based on the French Republican calendar. I use different card decks each day as prompted by the previous day's reading, slowly building a Celtic Cross every 10-day décade.

In addition to readings, there is a meditation on each day's special plant, animal, or object. Each post closes with a video or a song for the day.

If you subscribe today (it's free), you'll get the daily post in your inbox each morning as well as full access to the archives. There are no ads. I'm not doing anything with your emails. This is just a true passion project. If you'd like to contribute monetarily, you can, and that will definitely help Morning Croissant continue to exist. Thank you!