About this project

Morning Croissant is an independent publication launched in Fructidor CCXXX (August 2022 in vulgar time) by Carina Magyar. In its first year (CCXXXI), I provided cartomancy readings each day based on the French Republican calendar, using different card decks each day as prompted by the previous day's reading, slowly building a Celtic Cross every 10-day décade. In addition to readings, there was a meditation on each day's special plant, animal, or object. Each post closed with a video or a song for the day. You can find posts on every item by searching its name, clicking the type tag, or searching a month of the calendar.

If you subscribe today (it's free), you'll get a post in your inbox every tenth day as well as full access to the archives. There are no ads. I'm not doing anything with your emails. This is just a true passion project. If you'd like to contribute monetarily, you can, and that will definitely help Morning Croissant continue to exist. Thank you!