As the year turns...

Bon voyage! Photo by Anthony Choren / Unsplash
Bon voyage! Photo by Anthony Choren / Unsplash

Hello, loyal citoyens and citoyennes! Thank you so much for following along on the journey through every day of the French Republican calendar last year, and for giving this year's edition a shot. It was very fun while it lasted, but as the tyrannical Gregorian calendar turns its page, I find myself needing to reprioritize my time, and I am going to allow this newsletter and blog to go dormant. Access to the archives will be free for as long as I can maintain this subscription.

I learned a lot in the past year – not just about fruits and vegetables and obscure herbs, but about starting and marketing a publication in the modern media environment. While (ex-)Twitter fueled most of my growth in the early days, the sudden lurching shift from that platform's death spiral to the new world of fragmented replacements and video-based social media meant that promoting and growing this was taking more time than actually making it. The internet continues to become more harsh toward individual creators (even as it relies more on free user generated content), and it would take a sponsoring platform with an existing audience to keep this project sustainable.

Happy granite day. Bon voyage. Merci beaucoup. Buy a wall calendar from Ursula Lawrence. And don't forget to think outside the calendar boxes...