La fête du travail

And explanation of this newsletter's Celtic cross

La fête du travail
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Good morning. Today is the festival of labor. We celebrate what's in your body.

Today's suit: Diamonds (pentacles)

The diamonds suit. From the Bicycle Stargazer deck.
From the Bicycle Stargazer deck.

Diamonds represent the material energy the universe gives to you.

  • Wealth
  • Gifts
  • Injuries
  • Weather
  • Food

Pentacles are likewise associated with riches, and are considered the air suit.

Let's explain the French Republican Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular layouts for taking in a querent's entire life standing at the moment of the reading. Since the cartomancy we're doing is rooted in a smaller deck, I feel most comfortable using the cards to engage with the present, not the future. (I make no claim to be a fortune teller.) In tarot, each position of the cross is associated with an answer or an aspect of the querent's life. Since we're doing this with no specific querent, we'll use the day's of the French Republican calendar's "week," called a decade, to place one card a day in the spread.

The spread looks like this:

We'll let the numbers in this diagram correspond with the days of the decade and assign them the following positional meaning:

1) Primidi, will contain the suit that controls this decade and a starting position for the week, form a sort of soft "query" to work from.

2) Duodi, the strongest current influence on the decade, and so the aspect that is either in aspect or in concert with our initial draw.

3) Tridi, which will always come from a 78-card tarot deck, will give us the environmental influences to watch out for.

4) Quartidi, representing things to come in the near term.

5) Quintidi, representing internal influence, similar to the environmental influences from Tridi, but originating inside of you.

6) Sextidi, representing things that happened recently that have bearing on the current situation.

7) Septidi, the card of action – what to do before the decade is done that will change the initial situation.

8) Octidi, the card of people – who will have the most bearing on this decade.

9) Nonidi, the card of what mattered, in which we look back on this decade and try to see what aspect of our lives has had the most lasting influence on it.

10) Decadi, the outcome. This gives us closure on the first two cards and a way to bridge into the next decade.

If this all seems rather vague, don't worry. The cards can say so many different things to each other, there needs to be some interpretive wiggle room to explore the connections between them.

I will still pull a card from a different deck each day, so unlike a traditional reading in which each card is guaranteed to be different, we may see the same card return, perhaps even multiple time, in a decade. This lends a richness to the reading as we consider the same aspect from multiple angles.

I'm looking forward to this new format in Year CCXXXI to see how it works and how it can add a little more serendipity for you, my favorite subscribers, to discover as the cards relate to your life.

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