La fête de l'opinion

A statement on what divination from a public source means

La fête de l'opinion
Photo by Ana Flávia / Unsplash

Good morning. Today is the festival of opinions. We celebrate what's in your mind.

Today's suit: Spades (swords)

The spades suit. From the Bicycle Stargazer deck.
From the Bicycle Stargazer deck.

Spades represent the material energy you put into the universe.

  • Work
  • Charity
  • Loans
  • Caretaking
  • Artwork

Swords are usually associated with power, and are considered the fire suit.

Let's talk about how to receive divination from a newsletter

It's the day of opinions, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to tell you that my card readings are just that: opinions and intuitions. I separate myself from many tarot readers in that I don't believe in the astral plane, spirit guides, the ability to predict the future, or even a god.

What I do believe in is the power of the human mind to tell stories so powerful, they manifest into a form of reality. And I do believe that serendipity can be the most powerful and effective way to unlock stories that a mind would not otherwise tell itself. And I absolutely do believe that a rich, full, best life is built by stretching our minds to always tell new stories, consider new perspectives, and seek new ideas that will shape new opinions.

This is how I use cartomancy. I do a daily flip and use what I know of the card's "inherent" numerical and symbolic properties, plus what I intuit from the deck's theme or artwork, then apply that to some current attitude or situation that I want to unlock or spin around in a new direction.

I was excited to share this practice with people, so I added it to this newsletter, partly because I just wanted to, but partly because I think they stem from the same place – taking a "random" object and using it as a prompt to tell stories, create, and refresh your eyes for a new day. What I didn't realize, as I started doing more on-the-fly research after this newsletter got going, was how hard and spurious it is to do a "collective" reading, or one without a specific query or querent in mind.

I resolved to add more structure to the daily readings, and tie them more explicitly to the French Republican Calendar's dictated daily associations. I also did some soul searching on what I want out of adding another "daily pull" into the world, given that these have exploded on TikTok and YouTube and other platforms since the pandemic started.

What I hope that you, my dear readers, get out of this is not a horoscope-like prediction that's so vague it borders on useless. I hope you play along, so to speak, with the process I put on display here. Tell yourself a story throughout the week using the cards. Disagree with my interpretations. Use your own intuition. Use your own spiritual practices, if you have them. Let my blank and rather inexperienced hand serve as a neutral party making the draws so you don't have to resort to giving yourself a reading in isolation (something most tarot practitioners whom I respect think is of dubious worth).

And make it fun! If the cards don't seem to speak to a situation in your life, just think of it as a writing prompt – a character drawn from thin air that may or may not gradually coalesce into something that resonates. I promise to keep things fun on my end as well.

I'm getting so excited for the new year!

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